The World of Fanfiction

With the phenomenon that is Fifty Shades and the new venture that is Kindle Worlds, fanfiction is rapidly becoming mainstream.

As a fanfiction reader of 16 years, I’m actually feeling a little sad about it.

Not because I don’t think fanfiction is good or that the authors don’t deserve recognition but because for me, it was a world to escape to that existed outside of mainstream.

Back in the days of dial up connection, Angelfire and Tripod, I remember sneaking onto the PC to devour fanfiction at all times of the day and night.

It started with Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Buffy and Angel to be precise. Then it was all about Spike – Buffy and Spike. In fact, it was Buffy and Spike for a long, long time.

After perusing Angel and then Leverage fanfiction (because of Eliot who happened to be Lindsey in Angel which was an offshoot of Buffy…) and not quite getting the same buzz, it’s now all about Vampire Diaries fanfiction.

Damon and Elena, to be more precise. This generations Buffy and Spike – but not quite as raw or broken.

I think fanfiction is an amazing world to be a part of. I have even dabbled with writing some myself over the years. And guess what, everyone was encouraging and supportive and genuinely happy to read what I had written.

As a writer, it was an incredibly rewarding experience and gave me some of the best writing experiences I’ve ever had.

I didn’t write for profit or fame, I wrote for love. I didn’t read to criticise, I read to escape and live a little longer with the characters I had grown to love during the course of their series.

For me, fanfiction is a compliment to a writer – they have created something so special that viewers/readers can’t bare to let it go; the prospect of living without those characters or in that world is just too difficult to comprehend.

And sometimes, some of those worlds were a lot better than the reality that was my life. `

Now those worlds are expanding to incorporate more traffic, I worry that the fanfiction world itself will expand and transform beyond recognition for someone like me who remembers the magic of the ‘good old days’.

In a world of technological evolution, looking at the next cycle of innovation, I’m aware that this makes me sound old.

But for me, the fear is that the commercialisation of fanfiction will eventually wipe out one of my most precious sanctuaries of which I have the fondest memories.

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.


On the Edge & Looking Over

Today’s WordPress prompt is ‘On the Edge’..

I had to think about this for a little while as though there are things I do to keep me on an even keel, I don’t consciously do them for that reason – I just really feel it when I don’t do them…

  • Spending regular amounts of time on my own – this may seem a little odd but for me, having that time to decompress and not having any pressure to interact with another person for a while is the best thing for my wellbeing. I don’t do anything particular or routine with this ‘alone time’ but having it is like, a sacred thing. It’s the equivalent to rebooting my brain and even if I’m not thinking about anything in particular, my brain uses this time to sort, process and file anything that it has seen since it last had some ‘down time’.
  • Reading – again, a solo activity but I can read pretty much anywhere. I have a Kindle and the Kindle app is loaded onto my phone, my desktop, my laptop and my iPad. I will read at any given opportunity – waiting to go into meetings, on my break, whilst eating, whilst sat in the back of a cab, as a passenger in a car on the way to wherever I’m going… that opportunity to dip out of the real world for even a fleeting moment gives my brain a zap of energy and somehow refocuses my mind.
  • Cuddling up with my pets – we have a lot of animals in our family and they are an integral part of our life. Each pet has its ‘place at the table’ so to speak and has its own personality, quirks and all. Spending time with them brings me a lot of peace. For me, a home with no animals is a home with no heart.