Setting up a writing blog means that not only should I be actually writing but at the very least I should be writing this blog.

Easy for me to say right?

Inspiration to actually put fingers to keyboard has been short these days but a recent flurry of randomised plot points and snapshots of potential characters have driven me to WordPress. Terrified that I shall lose these snippets of inspiration during a deeper than usual sleep or during the reciting of my shopping list in the supermarket having left it on the fridge, I figured that a blog would be good insurance policy.

I understand from an incredibly reliable source that people read blogs to entertain, inform, encourage, provide humour or even direction to items of interest. I cannot pledge that this blog will do all or any of the above but I shall give it my best shot.

As an intro post, I think this entry is about as good as it is going to get so I shall take a pause and procrastinate over my next post.