What hope do the rest us have?

Sitting here drinking my Prosecco and nibbling on a bar of chocolate (in place of a hearty, healthy dinner), I have been reading about Blake Lively.

She says…

I hide behind it [my hair] a bit because red carpets can be intimidating. And when my hair is in my face, I feel less exposed.”

I’m not comfortable as me standing in front of 500 photographers, so I have to go somewhere else and pretend that I’m the confident person you hopefully expect me to be.”

Like, really.

I want to hate her but I just can’t. Because I know how she feels. Like, not because I have to navigate my way through 500 photographers on my way to Morrison’s but because we have all insecurities and I deal with mine the same way. Long hair down, in the face and a mask of confidence to hide the churning that often takes place deep in my gut when I’m uncomfortable/unhappy/insecure etc. etc.

In one way it’s reassuring but in another, it’s concerning – I mean, if she feels like this, even now… what hope do the rest of us have in overcoming it?


Anywhere But Here

If I could be anywhere but here…

I’d be:

  • In New York, in Central Park, with a steaming cup of Starbucks Hot Chocolate
  • In New York, in the Plaza, drinking champagne
  • In South California, on a golden beach, chasing the sea along the sand in my bare feet
  • In Waterstones, perusing the shelves until I find my book… *ok, I might have to work a bit harder for this one…
  • In a log cabin in the mountains, next to a roaring fire and looking at the snow out of the window
  • In an overwater hut, overlooking a bright blue ocean lying on a bed with crisp white linen


Epitaph Quotes

Fascinating posting thread on Reddit – what book quote would you have on your tombstone? Some of my favourites…

  • ‘Find what you love and let it kill you.’
  • ‘Let’s go exploring.’
  • ‘Everything in life is just for a little while.’
  • ‘Mischief managed.’
  • ‘It does you good to get out.’

Even though I’m an avid reader and aspiring author, it’s ironic that a book quote isn’t something that comes immediately to mind for an epitaph. Film and television quotes are much more memorable to me – so I’d also consider one of the following:

  • ‘I may be dead, but I’m still pretty.’
  • ‘To infinity and beyond.’
  • ‘I see dead people.’
  • ‘Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.’

The Lens of the Media

As I sit here with my Apple iPad and iPhone on my iPod dock, my mind returns to Steve Jobs and the link to the speech that I posted earlier. 

What he achieved in his life was amazing, a one in a million kind of life that the rest of us read about in magazines, watch films about or read books about.

I’ve read articles that perhaps he wasn’t liked, he had a difficult personality and similar. 

But Steve Jobs was a visionary and yet retained something so very human and grounded that you couldn’t help but be moved by what he said about life.

How well do we ever really know someone, especially when it is via the lens of the media?


Setting up a writing blog means that not only should I be actually writing but at the very least I should be writing this blog.

Easy for me to say right?

Inspiration to actually put fingers to keyboard has been short these days but a recent flurry of randomised plot points and snapshots of potential characters have driven me to WordPress. Terrified that I shall lose these snippets of inspiration during a deeper than usual sleep or during the reciting of my shopping list in the supermarket having left it on the fridge, I figured that a blog would be good insurance policy.

I understand from an incredibly reliable source that people read blogs to entertain, inform, encourage, provide humour or even direction to items of interest. I cannot pledge that this blog will do all or any of the above but I shall give it my best shot.

As an intro post, I think this entry is about as good as it is going to get so I shall take a pause and procrastinate over my next post.