On the Edge & Looking Over

Today’s WordPress prompt is ‘On the Edge’..

I had to think about this for a little while as though there are things I do to keep me on an even keel, I don’t consciously do them for that reason – I just really feel it when I don’t do them…

  • Spending regular amounts of time on my own – this may seem a little odd but for me, having that time to decompress and not having any pressure to interact with another person for a while is the best thing for my wellbeing. I don’t do anything particular or routine with this ‘alone time’ but having it is like, a sacred thing. It’s the equivalent to rebooting my brain and even if I’m not thinking about anything in particular, my brain uses this time to sort, process and file anything that it has seen since it last had some ‘down time’.
  • Reading – again, a solo activity but I can read pretty much anywhere. I have a Kindle and the Kindle app is loaded onto my phone, my desktop, my laptop and my iPad. I will read at any given opportunity – waiting to go into meetings, on my break, whilst eating, whilst sat in the back of a cab, as a passenger in a car on the way to wherever I’m going… that opportunity to dip out of the real world for even a fleeting moment gives my brain a zap of energy and somehow refocuses my mind.
  • Cuddling up with my pets – we have a lot of animals in our family and they are an integral part of our life. Each pet has its ‘place at the table’ so to speak and has its own personality, quirks and all. Spending time with them brings me a lot of peace. For me, a home with no animals is a home with no heart.