Anywhere But Here

If I could be anywhere but here…

I’d be:

  • In New York, in Central Park, with a steaming cup of Starbucks Hot Chocolate
  • In New York, in the Plaza, drinking champagne
  • In South California, on a golden beach, chasing the sea along the sand in my bare feet
  • In Waterstones, perusing the shelves until I find my book… *ok, I might have to work a bit harder for this one…
  • In a log cabin in the mountains, next to a roaring fire and looking at the snow out of the window
  • In an overwater hut, overlooking a bright blue ocean lying on a bed with crisp white linen

The Lens of the Media

As I sit here with my Apple iPad and iPhone on my iPod dock, my mind returns to Steve Jobs and the link to the speech that I posted earlier. 

What he achieved in his life was amazing, a one in a million kind of life that the rest of us read about in magazines, watch films about or read books about.

I’ve read articles that perhaps he wasn’t liked, he had a difficult personality and similar. 

But Steve Jobs was a visionary and yet retained something so very human and grounded that you couldn’t help but be moved by what he said about life.

How well do we ever really know someone, especially when it is via the lens of the media?