Anywhere But Here

If I could be anywhere but here…

I’d be:

  • In New York, in Central Park, with a steaming cup of Starbucks Hot Chocolate
  • In New York, in the Plaza, drinking champagne
  • In South California, on a golden beach, chasing the sea along the sand in my bare feet
  • In Waterstones, perusing the shelves until I find my book… *ok, I might have to work a bit harder for this one…
  • In a log cabin in the mountains, next to a roaring fire and looking at the snow out of the window
  • In an overwater hut, overlooking a bright blue ocean lying on a bed with crisp white linen

That Time Of Year

It’s that time of year again.

Those odd days that fall between Christmas Day and New Years Day.

It’s the time of year that I look forward to the most – a procrastinators heaven. No big day to prepare for, no work to get up for, no shopping or cleaning to be done (as I’m so well prepared for Christmas that my cupboards are bursting and my floors are spotless) and no other random social obligations to fulfil.

Each year, I have a plan – a plan to be creative, free with time, sleep, imagination…

And each year, I fall into the same trap. Computer games.

My husband, a seasonal gamer, uses this time of year to blitz the years biggest releases. His ideal way to spend his own downtime; away from the rat race.

And being the competitor that I am.. well, I just have to join in don’t I?

My writer’s notebook lies next to me – having had some passing attention this past day or so… but today, well today was just a write off with no writing.

They say to be a writer, that you must write. If there was a way that procrastination could be captured, bottled and sold then I think I would win hands down.

But until then, I guess I shall just stick with what I know and what I’m good at – pass me that controller.