Irritants & Oddities – Pt 1

I spent some time today thinking a bit about my blog and what direction I’d like it to take. Whilst I don’t want to limit my input to one single topic, I do think some themed posts would be a good idea. The idea for my first ‘theme’ came from random observations I made over the course of my day today and reflect general similar thought patterns.

So, without further ado, I introduce ‘Irritants and Oddities’… They will be specific to me, always random and hopefully interesting.


Doughnuts. Not just any doughnut. A doughnut disguised as particular type of doughnut when it actually is another. I myself only like jam doughnuts. Not custard, not chocolate, not apple, not vanilla.


So imagine my disgust when I bit into what I thought was a jam doughnut and it turned out to be a custard doughnut.

It put a downer on my dinner and needless to say, this event irritated me enough to make it onto my blog.

Also, you should note that the person responsible for said mistaken identity doughnut is now on my ‘not a true friend’ list.

The disappointment was just too much for me to bear today.


People who walk at the side of the road where there is no pavement, walkway or even a cycle path. Like, how do they get there? Where are they going? What are they doing? Yesterday I saw a couple with a carrier bag and they were rummaging around in the bushes along a dual carriage way.

Before you jump to any conclusions, they looked clean and relatively sane – apart from the rummaging in bushes at the side of a dual carriage way thing.

But like, why? What makes someone do that?


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